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Has anyone ever called you names? Have you noticed how it affects your feelings, blood stream or even brain cells?

In 1994, a Japanese researcher found that, water gets affected by what it hears.

If the water hears nice music or sounds or words, it forms beautiful crystals when frozen. However, if the water hears unsuitable music or sounds or words, the crystals form tend to be, well, just awful.

Since our body is filled with plenty of fluid, we deduce that, what we hear is likely to affect our blood cells, which may cause us to fall sick, feel depressed, encouraged, energetic etc, especially when hearing it repeatedly.

Therefore, perhaps, one should be more mindful and refrain from casting any hurtful words, no matter how angry one gets, but instead, say words that do not hurt others (children, adults and elderlys alike).

Finally, here’s a rather detailed information on water crystals, where you can view the photographs of the water crystals. The books are also available in the National Library.