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Comprehension Cloze
The Basic –


Children wonder, why are they asked to read, read, read.

The reason is simple – without any input, there is no output.

Through reading, we gather ideas, information, inspiration, which we may otherwise, not be experiencing in our very own lives.

And it is also through reading, that we pick up grammar, vocabulary, identifying skills, analytical skills, inferential skills ……

Thus it is important, to read; and thus, Tangerine Learning Centre emphasizes a lot on reading widely; so much so that we even set up our own library for the students to immerse themselves in; so much so that we hope our students grow to love reading, as we ourselves do.

The Link –

Between reading & comprehension Cloze

 Let’s recall – what happens, when we are reading a an article, and we come across a difficult word, which we may find it troublesome to look up a dictionary?

Yes – we guess the meaning of the word, by re-tracking a few sentences before the word, and by reading forth. To put it simply, we guess the meaning of the word, based on the context of the paragraph or passage.

Apart from reading the context, we also decipher based on other clues, such as – grammar; antonyms, synonyms, tenses, phrasal verbs, vowels etc.

If, assuming that we have read widely, from storybooks to newspapers to magazines, wouldn’t it be much easier to fill in the blanks in comprehension cloze with the right words (almost at the snap of your fingers)?

Of course, reading widely helps a lot not just in tackling comprehension cloze, but also, English Language subject, as a whole. Top this up with the right guidance, it’ll be just a matter of time before one master the skills to fit in the jigsaw puzzle of the comprehension cloze.

suggested methods for various levels

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Mode of Practice

Closely Guided sentences with helping words such as MCQ, filling in the blanks for short passages, where grammar items are separated from vocabulary items; games on creating short phrases/ complete sentences etc.

i.e. It’s either a passage on grammar cloze, or a passage on vocabulary cloze.

Mode of Practice

To close the gap between the levels, we can start off with simple passages, focusing on either grammar or vocabulary.

When the students are proficient, we can move on to passages where grammar and vocabulary items are mixed together. The passages’ level of difficulties vary.

Mode of Practice

To close the gap between P4 and P5, we can start off with relatively simple passages that consists of a mixture of grammar and vocabulary items, with helping words.

Thereafter, we can move on to passages suited to their level (P5/P6) and remove the helping words gradually.

skills for
comprehension cloze

At Tangerine Learning Centre, we treat comprehension cloze as a tool to develop students’ reading ability; expanding on the

  • grammar items – nouns/verbs/adjectives/pronouns……
  • vocabulary words (synonyms and antonyms), hyponymy (classification) ……

 Some skill activated @ cloze challenges

  • Reading for understanding
  • Identifying text type
  • Activating prior knowledge of context
  • Usage of contextual clues
  • Prediction
  • Inferential Skills
  • Comparing and Contrasting


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