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About Us

Based in Singapore, Tangerine Learning Centre Pte Ltd aims to provide quality and holistic education to Primary students. We offer English, Mathematics & Chinese Language at Primary school Level.


Primary English

As we impart the skills to the students, we work through all components such as cloze passages, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary etc. 

Primary Mathematics

Besides following the MOE syllabus, our centre also focus in problem-sums solving.

Primary Chinese

Our centre follows the MOE syllabus closely and focus on reading-aloud with understanding, cloze passages, comprehension and writing.


To enhance our students’ learning, our centre will add on subjects in the future, as we fine tune our syllabus.

Our Principal Tutor

Ms June Tan first started conducting tuition classes in the 1990s. She then joined MOE after graduating from NIE in 2001 with a Diploma in Education. She has over 15 years of teaching experience. She is a very dedicated and responsible tutor who is committed to help her students excel in their studies.

Our Centre

Conveniently located @ 50 Tagore Lane

  • Female NIE-trained tutor
  • Free borrowing of storybooks
  • Air-conditioned environment
  • Free “homework clinic”, as long as our tutor is in the centre.

Some of our Success Stories

My two older children have been taught by June for over two years. They have made incredible progress under her guidance , especially my eldest girl.

Last year, my youngest started having lessons with June as well and his kindergarten teacher has noticed a huge improvement in his mandarin reading.

June is a very dedicated teacher who puts in a lot of effort with the children.

Mdm Ong

Miss June is a Great Teacher!
My daughter failed her Chinese in P1. We got Ms June at the end of P1 year. Under her guidance, my daughter managed to score A for her PSLE.
Over the years, not only did she improve my daughter’s Chinese, she had also taught her Examination techniques and Time management. With all her advise, my daughter managed to score 4As for her PSLE.!!!
In addition, both my daughters have difficulty in Math.  Ms June provided them proper steps to solve Math questions. This have built their confidence when they are doing Math and we could see an improvement.
Mrs Tan

I was the guardian of a primary school boy who was enrolled here in Singapore. I am thankful that I had taken Ms June as his tutor at P4 onwards.

With the help from Ms June, my boy, who had failed and done badly in P3 English & Math, was able to improve quickly, became top 5 in English by end of P4 and even topped his class in Math at P5. He also achieved “The best progress” award. He eventually graduated and went to Express stream in Secondary school.

I would sincerely like to thank you June for the help! I am happy with the child’s performance in school at present and his mother feels the same way. Thanks again!

Ms Jaslin

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