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About US

Tangerine Learning

Our Vision

To become the top choice of parents and students for our education services.

Our Mission

To empower every student with the knowledge to overcome academic challenges

Our Core Values

Integrity —– Responsibility —– Thoughtfulness

Our Approach to Teaching is Learners’ Centered, empowering our students with knowledge

Based in Singapore, Tangerine Learning Centre Pte Ltd aims to provide quality and holistic education to Primary students. We offer English, Mathematics & Chinese Language at Primary school Level.

At Tangerine Learning Centre, we believe in empowering every child with our engaging teaching methodology to enhance their confidence in learning, and empowering every child with the knowledge they require to overcome academic challenges they face.

Our Tutors

Ms June Tan


In the 1990s, Ms June Tan first started conducting tuition classes in an RC centre. Upon seeing a huge impact she made on her students’ academic results, she then decided to join MOE.

Ms June Tan has fifteen years of tutoring and teaching experience for individuals, small group learning and full class size learning.  She is a very dedicated and responsible tutor who is committed to help her students excel in their studies.

“I do not do miracles. But I am able to guide students in my charge, to excel in their studies, if they put in sufficient effort and have a good learning attitude.

To sum it up – There’s no shortcut; no pain, no gain; and in the midst of the hard work, we can have fun too!”


Diploma in Film, Sound & Video (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Diploma In Education (National Institute of Education)

B.A in English Language with Psychology (The Open University alias SUSS)



Our Values

Apart from knowledge, we also hope to impart good moral values to our students.

Integrity is being defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

Our students would be upright and optimistic; even being able to be the ‘light’ for their fellow peers.


At Tangerine Learning Centre, by responsibility, we mean “a moral obligation to behave correctly towards or in respect of.”

We also aim to have our students become committed to their own learning and take responsibility for it, through self-discipline.

At Tangerine Learning Centre, thoughtfulness is defined as “careful consideration or attention” and “consideration for the needs of other people”.

We also want our students to think carefully and devise plans in their learning; solving of Mathematical problems, identifying and analyzing comprehension passages etc, before actualizing it.

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